2018 Board of Directors Slate

TexTESOL IV 2018 Proposed Board Slate
President,  James Moore (C)
Past President,  Karen Lewis (C)
President Elect,  Yuliya Summers (C)
Secretary,  Mary Endress (N)
Treasurer,  Vacant. Please contact Irma Rohatgi, irohatgi@aol.com with nominations. 
Webmaster,  Tracy Schmidt (C)
Historian,  Anahita Khosthinat (C) 
Advocacy,  Bianca Arriazola C()
Newsletter Editor,  Vacant. Please contact Irma Rohatgi, irohatgi@aol.com with nominations. 
Conference Chair,  Irma Rohatgi (C)
Conference Chair Elect,  Trudy Freer-Alvarez (C)
Conference Registration Chair,  Marie Moreno (C)
Conference Program Chair,  Rachel Kraut (C)
Membership Coordinator,  Julissa  Alcantar-Martinez (C)
Member at Large,  Rezvan Khoshlessen (C)
Member at Large,   Thomas Noyola (N)

Every year the Slate for the Board of TexTESOL IV must be presented according to the By Laws of TexTESOL IV to the membership 1 month before the annual Fall Conference. This year the State Conference serves as our TexTESOL IV annual Fall Conference. Below is the Slate for Board positions for 2018-2019.  

Last year in November 2016 all who registered for the TEXTESOL IV Regional Fall Conference at the U of H Hilton made the decision to accept or decline membership in TexTESOL IV for this next year, 2017. Those of you who accepted are now voting members. As voting members of TexTESOL IV, each of you can vote for the slate of officers. Some of our Board members are continuing or changing positions (marked with a C ) and some will be new members (marked with an N).   

The TexTESOL IV 2018 Slate is now available (see link). TexTESOL members in good standing as of 6 November 2016 will be invited to vote for the TexTESOL IV Board Members. The election will open on 4 October 2017 and end 4 November 2017. Please follow this link to vote.