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Fall 2015, ISSN 2378-4822




Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Affiliate News

Posted 09/30/2015
  1. TexTESOL IV Annual Conference
  2. Slate, TexTESOL IV Board Elections 
  3. Conference Speaker Profiles
  4. (Webinar) – Supporting Academic Discussions for ELLs Call for “Educator Voices”
  5. Call for “Teacher Resources”
  6. Selected Books for Review
  7. TESOL Calendar of Events
  8. Letter from the Editor 9/30/2015

Featured Articles


Posted 09/30/2015


A Bookmark on ‘When to Kill Mr. Y and Do SHOXZ Treatment’ in the Simple Present Tense

     – Kalsum Binti Mohamed


Simplified rules with an interesting and appealing way can help pupils to memorize the rules better. ‘When To Kill Mr Y and Do SHOXZ Treatment’ is a self-developed bookmark to help the young learners to understand rules faster and master it for the correct use of Simple Present Tense.


The Value of Learning another Language

     – Kelly Davis


Learning a second language is valuable for many reasons, three of which are: second language acquisition helps to preserve the heritage of the minority language, second language acquisition increases career opportunities, and lastly, bilingualism can improve one’s executive functioning.


The Historical Development of CALL

     – Jingbo Yu


This paper will trace the historical development of CALL, as well as explore the characteristics of computer teaching, which are the positive resources for second language learning at today’s universities.


Educating and Conserving the Culture of the Indigenous Children

     – Kamila deSouza


Some governments around the world are interested in conserving children’s indigenous culture and educating them by including the indigenous people in the educational system. To achieve such an educational system, a process which consists of three parts is needed: creating Indigenous schools, preparing Indigenous’ teachers, and adapting school’s methods. 


The Fourth Estate

Posted 09/30/15


Winter 2015 “Call for Paper”


Looking for a way to get your ideas out? TexTESOL is looking for new, unpublished materials for blind peer-review.  The deadline for Winter submissions is December 5, 2015. 


Submission Guidelines & Types


TexTESOL accepts a variety of content from practical articles to help teachers connect theory to praxis, new educational research, books reviews, teaching strategies, lesson plans, and quick tips to help keep the educator on top of his/her game.  


Submit a Document


Have you be working out an idea and need a place to vett it? There is no better place than here and no better time than now.  The Fourth Estate is seeking great articles, offers blind peer review, and free on-line publication.  The quarterly is sent out internationally.  Send in your idea to day.


Join the Editorial Review Board


Are you looking for a way to give back to the ESOL community and help circulate excellent teaching materials? Become one of the Fourth Estate’s Editorial Reviewers.  Reviewers review and edit between 3-6 submisisions quarterly.  If you are interested, please contact Alex Monceaux at Newsletter_Editor@textesoliv.org.

Please send a current CV and letter of Interest with your request.

Conference Fees

  1. Early Bird = $95.00
  2. Standard Registration: $115.00
  3. On-Site = $140.00
  4. Full Time Student = $75.00

Teaching Strategies, Resources, & Lesson Plans

Posted 09/30/2015


The Community Circle

     – Jahnette Wilson


One of the primary means to making learning accessible to all students is to work to facilitate a risk-free, positive classroom environment. Conveying to students that they are important and getting to know students is absolutely critical to creating a community of learners in the classroom (Tung, 2013).


Using Focused Free Writing and Student Life Stories at EFL/ESL Lessons

     – Olga Muranova


In this article Olga Muranova (Oklahoma State University) will offer a glimpse at different ways and examples of using focused freewriting and student live stories at EFL/ESL lessons organized for different categories of learners (including secondary school and university students, as well as adult learners) in different teaching contexts.


Practical Tools: Developing and Assessing ELLs Writing

     – Marcia Livingston & Megan Cain


With the growing emphasis on assessment, many educators are seeking ways to help ELLs develop Academic English writing skills as well as identifying strategies for assessing their writing progress. This article includes practical tips that can be implemented in an English Language Classroom of beginning or struggling ELLs.


ESOL Teacher Resource

     – Bill Zimmerman


MakeBeliefsComix.com has launched a new ESOL teacher resource section to help students who are learning English or improving their literacy skills.


Lesson Plan – Money Matters: Let’s Make Some Money!

     – Jesty Anak Daip


Introducing pupils to a simple, real life business conversation and transaction.

Don’t forget to register for the TexTESOL IV Annual Conference! 





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