Membership Benefits

TexTESOL IV is an organization that is directly affiliated with TESOL and supports the professional development of ESOL instructors in and around the Houston and South Texas area.

Areas of Interest
    •    ESOL Adult Education
    •    ESOL Higher Education
    •    ESOL K-12 Education

    •    TexTESOLer of the Year Award
    •    Awarded annually to one member of TexTESOL IV for his/her service to the organization and the ESOL field
    •    Recipient will be recognized at both the regional and state conference.
    •    Recipient will receive complimentary registration at the regional conference
    •    Recipient will be featured in TexTESOL IV’s newsletter.

    •    Leadership
    •    All members are eligible to serve on the TexTESOL IV board
    •    Other opportunities include newsletter editing, conference volunteering, etc
    •    Interested? Contact a board member listed on the TexTESOL IV website
    •    Networking
    •    Meet ESOL colleagues at the many board meetings and conferences
    •    Make contacts that will be instrumental in developing ESOL teaching and administrative skills
    •    Professional Development
    •    Conferences, including the Regional and State Conferences, are available to all members

    •    TESOL Academy Scholarships
    •    Open to all members to apply to attend the TESOL Academies
    •    Look for announcements in the TexTESOL IV newsletter
    •    TESOL Virtual Seminar Scholarships
    •    Open to all members to apply to receive scholarships for TESOL’s Virtual Seminars, which are 90-120 minutes webcasts that focus on ESL and

EFL issues
    •    Seminars are accessible from home or office and registration is on a per site basis
    •    For more information, go to

Up-to-Date Information
    •    TexTESOL IV website (
    •    TexTESOL IV Newsletter
    •    Available online
    •    Distributed through the TexTESOL IV mailing list

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