Practitioner Workshop: Design Your Own Materials with a Content First Approach

Why do so many teachers wish they could teach without a course book? Is it because the materials have become too overwhelming? Too expensive? Too confining? Or is something missing in the book that teachers want to explore? While there are many excellent course materials available through traditional publishers, there will always be creative teachers who want to strike out on their own in search of a more efficient way to meet the unique needs of their learners. This workshop offers a content-first approach to materials development. 


What can we do to as teachers to tailor instruction to meet the needs of today’s 21st-century learners?  In this workshop, participants examine model lessons, explore options and create materials to enhance the classroom experience whether it is virtual or face to face.

  1. Discussion: What does it mean to be an English language teacher in the digital age?
  2. Exploration: Approaches and tools for materials design
  3. Action: Developing a personalized module using a content first approach

Who Should Attend

This workshop is aimed at teachers and tutors who are interested in enhancing students’ experiences in their courses through original materials design, whether it be supplementing an existing course book, writing for online courses, participating in a learning community, or otherwise personalizing a curriculum to better meet students’ needs.

Featured Speakers: 

Colin Ward

Alice Savage