Preconference Events

On Thursday, November 2, TexTESOL is offering school site visits and preconference institutes for advance learning opportunities.

TexTESOL School Site Visits:

Liberty High School is a newcomer school serving grades 9-12.  Participants will see how this school is innovative by its year-round program, flexible scheduling, and unique strategy in serving adolescent students ages 14-21 during the day and adult students ages 17-26 in the evening.  Please visit their website at

Wisdom High School (formerly known as Lee High School) is a comprehensive high school serving grades 9-12. Participants will see how this school embraces students from 72 different countries and speak more than 42 languages.   It will move into its new state-of-the-art building in June 2017 and will only be 5 months old for our TESOL visit.  Please visit their website at

Las Americas Newcomer School is a newcomer school serving grades 4-8. Participants will see how this school uses workstations in each classroom to include listening, speaking, reading, and writing in every lesson. It focuses on the whole child by providing social, emotional, and mental services with its 7 social workers, and other wrap-around services including medical and clothing needs. Please visit their website at

Round-trip transportation from the Westin Galleria to school sites is included in the cost of the site visit. 

Pre-Conference Sessions

  1. TexTESOL Leadership Institute

TexTESOL creates opportunities to build professional relationships that enrich our own practice while strengthening the profession as a whole. The TexTESOL leadership Institute will guide participants in strengthening their professional learning communities through active engagement in a professional organization. Breakout sessions for experienced TexTESOLers and emerging leaders will provide additional focus based on the learners’ goals.

  1. Advocacy Institute: Navigating Advocacy in Education for the Benefit of our ELL Learners

If you believe this is a pivotal time for educators and community members to discuss the role of advocacy in our organizations, then join us in this dynamic discussion to learn about the most recent legislative updates and the benefits of forming partnerships. This session will address resources that are available to our English Language Learners and their families while emphasizing action steps and successful strategies that build and promote a positive and diverse culture amongst all.

Featured Speaker: Ramiro Fonseca

  1. Practitioner Workshop: Design Your Own Materials with a Content First Approach – presented by Colin Ward and Alice Savage

Why do so many teachers wish they could teach without a course book? Is it because the materials have become too overwhelming? Too expensive? Too confining? Or is something missing in the book that teachers want to explore? While there are many excellent course materials available through traditional publishers, there will always be creative teachers who want to strike out on their own in search of a more efficient way to meet the unique needs of their learners.     This workshop offers a content first approach to materials development.