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Advocating for English Language Learners


Fourth Estate, Summer 2016 ISSN: 2378-4822


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Forward: English as A Second Language Students in Higher Education

Author: Sedef Smith, Ph. D., TexTESOL IV Board of Director – Advocacy Representative; Assistant Professor, Lamar University


All Aboard: Advocacy as Universal and Unavoidable

Author: Cameron Allen, The SEED Adult and Family Learning Community



Teaser: Advocacy has been reduced by the specific actions and titles of few in the teaching community to mean one thing.  Advocacy can mean acting on behalf of an idea, which implicates all educational professionals in the act of advocacy.  Our embrace of that empowers us all to be self-aware advocates in the educational space.


Training ELL Teacher-Advocates

Author: James Whiting, Plymouth State University



Teaser: How can graduate TESOL programs train teachers to be effective advocates for ELLs, ELLs’ families, and their field? This paper examines how one graduate TESOL program answers this question. The paper argues that advocacy training should be an important component of all graduate TESOL programs.


Preparing New ESL Teachers for the Advocacy Role: Suggestions and Considerations

Author: Heather Linville, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse



Teaser: In this article, a teacher educator outlines a step-by-step process to prepare ESL teacher candidates to advocate for ELLs. Including a useful definition of advocacy and suggestions for advocacy actions, the author herself advocates for addressing both the disposition to advocate and the skills of advocacy in pre-service teacher education programs.


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Developing Advocates for English Learners

Author: Jamie Harrison, Auburn University



Teaser: This article details the emergent design of an Advocacy for ELLs course for graduate level TESOL coursework. Rooted in constructivist theory, students participate in developing an advocacy platform and call to action based on community need and situational factors. The course is designed around actually taking action for advocacy, not merely talking about it. Thus, students work in groups to develop an advocacy project that will be delivered to a chosen audience. Description of these projects and related pedagogy will be discussed. A sample course schedule is provided.


Music that Matters: Create a Socially Conscious Song

Author: Sean H. Toland, Ritsumeikan University


Author: Christopher Pond, Ritsumeikan University        



Teaser: Studying songs and videos can be an excellent springboard to get English language learners to not only sharpen their critical thinking abilities, but also encourage them to challenge the status quo by advocating important social causes. In addition, incorporating music into an ESL/EFL lesson can ignite the students’ motivational fires as well as enhance the language learning process. The lesson plan below draws on the popularity of music to engage students in a collaborative writing task. It interweaves important communicative elements and critical thinking skills into an enjoyable activity that educators can utilize across a wide range of instructional contexts.


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