Who We Are

TexTESOL IV is one of five affiliates of TexTESOL, the Texas branch of the international association TESOL, Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Our common mission is to advance professional expertise in English language teaching and learning for speakers of other languages. Our membership consists of educators from all levels: elementary, secondary, higher-education, and adult education. All of our board members share the same commitment to provide an equitable, quality education for all students. To that end, TexTESOL IV hosts an annual regional conference and participates in state and national conferences.

We also strive to maintain a board which represents the needs and concerns of all of the educational levels we serve. The board meets monthly and welcomes the input of members. Please contact members of the TexTESOL IV boards with your questions and concerns.

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Past TexTESOL IV Presidents
1978-1979 Nicholas Franks
1979-1980 Nicholas Franks
1980-1981 Victoria Price
1981-1982 Victoria Price
1982-1983 Deanna Wormuth
1983-1984 Nicholas Franks
1984-1985 Jane Hughey
1984-1985 Joseph Davidson
1985-1986 Marian Marshall
1986-1987 Joy Tesh
1987-1988 Kathleen Sayers [Sayers-Oiivares
1988-1989 Wynell Biles
1989-1990 Gwendolyn Charvis (f)
1990-1991 Michele Sabino (f)
1991-1992 Alice Lawson (f)
1992-1993 Jeanne Peine (f)
1993-1994 Joyce Bowman (f)
1994-1995 Pamela Howard (f)
1995-1996 Steven Storla
1996-1997 Betty Gilfillan
1997-1998 Anne Albarelli-Siegfried
1998-1999 Masoud Shafiei
1999-2000 Federico Salas
2000-2001 David Ross
2001-2002 Terry Shearer
2002-2003 Victoria Alexander-Trillo
2003-2004 Joanne Choquehuanca
2004-2005 Macarena Aguilar
2005-2006 Gayle Fagan (f)
2006-2007 Dr. Carolyn Ho
2007-2008 Kathy Najafi
2008-2009 Eileen Kress
2009-2010 Renata Russo
2010-2011 Martin Loa
2011-2012 Mary Endress
2012-2013 Irma Rohatgi
2013-2014 Trudy Freer
2014-2015 Arleigh Kalinowski
2015-2016 Irma Rohatgi
2016-2017 Karen Lewis

List of past presidents of TexTESOL-IV  The Fourth Estate XV(3)(Fall 1999) p. 5″ for years 1978-1999 –  Bob Gaskin, Historian as Board Member. List of past presidents of TexTESOL-IV years 2000-2016, Robert Dickey

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