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  • Winter 2016, ISSN 2378-4822
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Fourth Estate, Winter Issue 32 (4): 

Reflections on ESOL Leadership

Ready, Set, Reflect!


TexTESOL IV proudly presents it’s Winter 2016 Issue of the Fourth Estate. This issue focuses on Leadership within the ESOL Professional Affiliates and brings articles and reflections from several notable leaders in TESOL such as Dudley Reynolds, current TESOL International president, Andy Curtis, Past-President, TESOL International, Yilin Sun, Past-Past President, TESOL International. 

As well as the international voices, several regional leaders have offered excellent commentaries. We invite you to read these commentaries and reflect on your own and get involved! 


Get Your Copy!

Letter from TESOL International Association President, 2016-20167

By. D. Reynolds

As some of you may know I taught at the University of Houston from 1997-2007, and it is an honor now to write you as President of TESOL International Association. I am particularly pleased to be writing in an issue of the Fourth Estate devoted to leadership and to share some of my thoughts on how we can be effective at it.


Letter from TexTESOL IV President, 2016-2017

By: K. Lewis

As we begin a new year in 2017, I am honored and excited to serve as President of TexTESOL IV. This organization proudly supports the educators who serve English Language Learners of all ages, from Elementary Education through Adult Education. This year, we are privileged to welcome new and returning board members with strong and diverse backgrounds in education, which will enable our organization to connect with and directly support the ESL community of our region. ESL educators are a key component of the rich cultural and linguistic diversity of the southeast Texas region, and our professional organization creates opportunities for passionate educators to connect, empower, and encourage one another. 


Dedication & Teachers of the Year Award

“I’ve learned that fear limits you and your vision. / It serves as blinders to what may be just a few steps down the road for you. / The journey is valuable, but believing in your talents, your abilities, and your self-worth can empower you to walk down an even brighter path. / Transforming fear into freedom – how great is that?”  – Soledad O’Brien


TexTESOL IV honors ESOL teachers and the impact these teachers have on students’ lives. TexTESOL IV recognizes the tremendous impact teachers have on individual lives, communities, and our state.  To this end, TexTESOL IV offers its highest Teacher Award – the Teacher of the Year.  



Leadership and Management in Language Education
Five Management Myths

By: A. Curtis


What happens when people who have spent most (or all) of their adult lives in universities then step into the world outside? One way of stepping out but still staying within one’s comfort zone is to serve on a board of directors for an educational association. But such associations are not universities, and attempting to lead and manage them as though they were can result in poor leadership and management.



Demystifying the Myths about Leadership
A Past TESOL President’s Perspective 

By: Y. Sun

Who can become a leader for a professional organization? As NNES educators, especially new teachers or graduate students, many tend to say, “I’m just a graduate student,” or “I’m just a new teacher in the field.  How can I take a leadership role with established professionals?”  How many of you are wondering how this is possible?



Supporting ESOL in the Legislator
Comments from Texas State Legislators

In the recent election’s aftermath, many have felt fear, despair, and uncertainty with the election results, the multitude of negative actions transpiring after the elections, and mostly, the unknowns concerning international, immigrant, and refugee students in our schools, programs, and universities. This article offers several Texas Legislators’ comments on four questions related ESOL Students, their education and safety, and support of ESOL Educators. 


A Need for Transformative Leadership in the ESOL Arena
By: Y. Summers

Reflecting on years of work as a board member of TexTESOL V and as a faculty member providing professional development and teacher training, I came across the term transformative leadership. I think it is important that ESL organizations that serve teachers, leaders and communities of socio-politically marginalized groups of students use their collective voice and focus on promoting teacher leadership as a way to advocate change, empowering teachers as learners and agents of change. Teachers of marginalized students need a network of support, a safe environment and professional organizations could be that place where transformative leadership could be initiated, promoted, and eventually become critical part of organization’s agenda.



Introduction to the TexTESOL IV Board of Directors

Learn more about TexTESOL IV’s leadership team. 



Practicing Leadership
A Personal Reflection 

By: A. Kalinowski,


There are many styles of leadership. Leaders do not always use the same style. It is a combined function of the role, the followers, and the situation. This article is a personal reflection of how one person views her experience practicing leadership in the role of President of the Board of Directors for one year in the TESOL Affiliate, TexTESOL IV.



Glass Ceilings? Sticky Floors? Women in TESOL Leadership
By R. Dickey,


Are women well-represented in leadership of our professional communities? Even in women-dominant professions? Perhaps no groups of professionals are more aware of “voices” and “diversity” than ESOL educators. The two leading global organizations of TESOL professionals celebrated their 50th anniversaries this year, so it is a time of reflection and repurposing. As this special issue of the Fourth Estate focuses on leadership, we take a look at how the role of women as leadership in our professional organizations has evolved. Both international and local TESOL associations are be scrutinized for their diversity and balance.



Building a Better Future for TexTESOL IV through Strategic Leadership
By A. Monceaux


Growth does not happen by accident, but through careful preparation, communication, and order allowing an organization to function smoothly, new ideas to emerge, and progress to be made. This article discusses the vision and sequence TexTESOL IV’s recent Leadership Workshops.



Update: TESOL International Conference & English Language Expo
By TESOL International 


Don’t miss out on TESOL’s largest event of the year.  This year TESOL partners with Washington State Affiliate to host the TESOL 2017 International Convention & English Language Expo is just around the corner at the Washington State Convention Center, 705 Pike Street Seattle, WA. Headquarters Hotel: Sheraton Seattle.



End of the Year Financial Report

By: A. Monceaux

To ensure financial stability and in accordance to the TexTESOL IV by-laws and State of Texas Statute TEX. BUS. & ORG. CODE 22.352 TexTESOL IV sets and reviews its operational budgets’ performance annually and makes that report available to the public. 



TESOL World Calendar of Events
 By TESOL International


TESOL International Association provides the TESOL Conference Calendar as a service to TESOL members and the field. The information provided in the Conference Calendar comes from the sponsoring organizations. For more information, please contact the sponsoring organization. The listed events are not sponsored or endorsed by TESOL International Association or TexTESOL IV.



The Fourth Estate’s 2015-2016 Top 10 Articles
By: A. Monceaux,


TESOL International Association provides the TESOL Conference Calendar as a service to TESOL members and the field. The information provided in the Conference Calendar comes from the sponsoring organizations. For more information, please contact the sponsoring organization. The listed events are not sponsored or endorsed by TESOL International Association or TexTESOL IV.



Our Mission


The Fourth Estate supports TexTESOL IV mission by promote scholarship; sharing information through publication and research, and promote high standards in the field of English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).



Call for Papers, 2017

TexTESOL IV Invites your Article Submission! 

TexTESOL IV Publications are published online (free) and in print and e-book format (for sale) making it available in 39,000 academic institutions and libraries globally as well as virtually all retail and wholesale book distributes worldwide.The Fourth Estate is the TexTESOL IV quarterly; the Journal of Assessment and Teaching of English Language Learning is TexTESOL IV’s academic journal. TexTESOL IV’s Publications pages receive over 8000 views per month; articles average 56 views per month. Additionally, publications are read in 235+ countries making the Fourth Estate an excellent platform for material writers, researchers, and scholar-practitioners to field their work.

TexTESOL IV receives submissions through the electronic form at TexTESOL IV Publications page; submission are blind peer-reviewed and edited prior to publication.


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